Derby City Hall

in Government

The City of Derby selected PBA Architects and Conco Construction as the design/build team to design and construct their new city hall facility. By using the design/build approach, the design and construction process was shortened. This enabled Derby Senior Services to occupy the original city hall building before the deadline of their grant. The new city hall building, with 14,500 square feet on the lower level and 5,000 square feet on the upper level, was constructed for a cost $1.87 million. The upper level was designed for future expansion of additional office space.

"Our desire, in constructing a new City Hall facility, was to provide the necessary spaces to conduct City business for at least 15 years into the future. We also wanted to create a facility that would be open and make the citizens feel at ease when conducting business with City staff. We were able to accomplish these goals and more with our new City Hall."

-Mark F. Schroeder, City Manager The City of Derby