Jack Kilby Plaza

in Government

The plaza sits on the west lawn of the Barton County Courthouse, and is designed around a larger-than-life sculpture of Jack Kilby, Great Bend native, and winner of the Nobel Prize for his invention of the micro-chip. The Bronze Sculpture, done by local artist Chet Cale, was unveiled on April 28th, 2012. Visit Chet's website at: http://chetcale.com  

The design consists of circular forms surrounding the sculpture are comprised of differing height stone walls.  The pavement utilizes two colors of granite pavers in addition to natural concrete to provide color and pattern.  The plaza itself and the west façade of the courthouse have been lighted in a manner akin to theater sets, heightening the drama after dark. Finally, the entire composition has been surrounded with new landscaping to provide a changing seasonal background. 

Cost was $408,000 in 2010